Roy, or as others call him, Scott Malcomson, probably is still the artist holding the title of "Ultimate Balloon Furry Artist." Somehow, he can just manage to get the idea of being a balloon down right - or at least I think so. He also has the distinction of being the only furry I know who's run for governor and gotten votes.

Roy doesn't have a set of web pages. You can see some of his other works at . He is more than happy to take commissions or make prints..

Roy's e-mail addy is . He is also Roy on FurryMuck (and known for being online very late at night, Furry time...or is that early morning?)

Scott was kind enough to donate these pictures for use of the site. I thought it was best that we give them a good showcase. By the way, a few small notes: his other pics are on the front page, which now make nice decoration; in one pic, you'll see Liquid Latex mentioned. Certainly one of the most intriguing items of the Balloon Room; do check it out when you're in there.

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