Zs is an artist who has been working here and there with cartooning. He doesn't have much access to the Net, and doesn't have an access to a scanner, so he sent these for me to scan. I happen to like them quite a bit. Zs prefers a bit of secrecy, as he'd rather not be suddenly surprised by someone recognizing him out in the real world. He isn't taking commissions, but he says he's likely to send me some more pics eventually. Zs's email is inflataroo@hotmail.com .

NOTE: Webtv.net, being a Microblah company, regularly blocks certain servers for email in the name of Spam. I commend the idea, but the implementation desires much. This means that places like IName (and also, it looks like, MSN :) ) can't send mail there. If your email gets bounced, send it to me, and I'll forward it to him.

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