The Furry Inflatables FAQ

by Cerine and Sievert!
with updates by Morphy


This is intended to be a FAQ for furries interested in a change in their lives after running around the MUCK for a while in the same ol' fur everyday and want to make an unusual change to a more magical latexed lifestyle, or the new beginner, still inhaling that fresh smell of just out of the shipping crate latex. If you're an old-timer, NO NEED TO READ, ok? This is just for those people (couldn't exist, nah) who just might want to live their lives as latex (or soap if they're adventurous)...

0. I'm looking at these web pages. They look cool and all, but I have no idea what you're talking about with respect to FurryMuck, the Balloon Room, or anything like that with respect to the Internet.

You can ask me all you like, and I'm perfectly happy to respond. FurryMuck...well, you can take a look at if you like. It's a rather complicated place to get used to, but we mostly all like it here.

1. Okay, Cerine, I've seen the pictures, I've seen the Balloon Room. Still not quite sure what to think of balloons.

Well, the Balloon Room is a bit much to take in at first, and certainly some of these pics (and I know you've most likely seen the Winger pics (and been scared by them) before) are a bit extreme...but then again, balloons aren't flesh and blood, and you can do things with them that you couldn't otherwise...unless you were a toon. Mainly a lot of furs like to be balloons because we think it's kinda fun to be big and squeaky and inflatable. No world conquering cabals involved, no late night inititations by the light of the full moon, or even ones by the noon sun. Unless, of course, you want one! Think of it this way: It's fun! If you remember Tigger's theme song from Winnie the Pooh, there's words to live by. If you're at all interested in balloons, stick around the Balloon Room sometimes. Look at the wa, see how many people are around now and then. Stop by, ask questions, be a pest :). Certainly we'll have no problem with answers for anyone who's made it that far! Just don't sit there in silence, or we will end up ignoring you. Be a part of the conversation, make jokes, etc. Have fun.

2. There's so much stuff in the Balloon Room...and so many odd things going on.

Odd things going on is part and parcel of balloon furries, or balloonies as some call them. Abandon all preconceptions at the door; we're going in! Being a balloon is being, perhaps, just a bit, kinda silly. If you didn't know, all bracketed items mentioned in the Balloon Room are commands or items of some sort, all of which you can look at. Try look notice to start and go from there.

Though there's something to be said of Morphy's fashion sense... {Hmph! The loincloth is timeless and simple --Morphy}

Do what you like. Poke, prod, spin the levers and punch the buttons. If any of 'em argue with you, have a conversation about it. There are very few rules that aren't common sense. The only one you probably don't know: no popping the furries without permission. There are good reasons behind this, which are explained later in this FAQ.

3. Isn't Cerine the same person as Morphy?

No. No. And again, no. Morphy created the Balloon Room with his MPI wizardry. Cerine just created the pages to go with it. As luck would have it, they're about 15 miles apart from each other. But Cerine is *not* Morphy. Really!

4. What interests should one have to be a balloon?

There's no cut and dried list or answer for this. I mean, we're not going to stop you from being a balloon. :) But there are some crossovers in fetishes that are related to balloons. Inflation is the primary one: inflation of the whole body in particular, but there are more sites which specialize in inflation (or enhancement) of certain body parts; in particular the bosom. If you've seen any Doug Winger pics, you know what I mean. Liking the squeak of latex and/or real-life balloons is always a plus. In addition, another field (less explored) is the idea of living soap bubbles. Elsewhere, there have been noted crossovers to macro/microphilia (liking others to be much smaller or larger than you), infantilism (from the pure cuteness of balloons and the silliness), and vorarephilia (eating and/or consumption of furs). Links to relevant sites are on the page and are strongly encouraged to be checked out! After all, I wouldn't have put them there if I did not think they fit the page.

4. What if I want to play as a balloon?

Well, if you want to play as a balloon, that's what the [liquid latex] is well as a few other things (try [pub] to check in Johnny's Puff Pub, another interesting place). But such things are only temporary for a quick roleplaying spin. And I know your next question is...

5. Okay, then how can I become a balloon permanently (or at least, mostly so)?

That...well, that is special. In theory, you could just make a balloon form of yourself and go with it. But that's not nearly as much fun now, is it? There is another way. Several of us in particular like to... introduce furries to the wide world of ballooning. How? That's our little secret, free for the online asking! Generally, the process tends to be unique, depending on who's doing it...and their whims at the time. Some days you could get a straight up one on one process, others you might get a whole group of us arguing on just how to go about doing it. There will be a story available of one method soon on this site, of Cerine's processing. :) Though it's a bit of a spoiler of some of the surprise, it still is an interesting read.

The current list of people to contact about becoming a balloon is: Tashtari, Cerine, Morphy, Johnny, Skipp. Also check the message board in the Balloon Room or post there your needs. Happy ballooning!

Well, now you've gone and done it. You're feeling very light-headed - perhaps, that's because there is no longer anything in your head but air. You're a balloon now. How about a few answers to the questions that might be bumping their way around that rubbery little mind of yours right now.

6. What have I become?

Not listening? You're a balloon now. Oh, you mean, how are you still managing to exist as two thin sheets of latex separated by some air? How are you able to talk, move around, squirt various fluids?'s a secret. Yeah yeah, that's it! A secret. It's part of the magic which makes us special. Treasure it. Feel free to speculate endlessly on the whole thing as well, since that's always good for when a buncha balloonies are yakking about it. Bounce around a bit. Get used to gravity not having such a firm grip as before. Bounce around a bit-be silly. You're a balloon, aren't you? Start acting like one!

7. But, how do I control air in and out of me? I mean, how am I retaining this air in me?

That's another part of the magic. Note that word: Magic. It explains all sorts of really unusual things! :) You have valves which have been implanted in the openings of your choice (whatever they might be). You retain air unconsciously. You can deflate yourself if you like...just think of releasing the air from you. Practice tho', since this can be somewhat embarassing if done incorrectly. But inflation...well, that requires an airtank, or something of the like, something external. Unless you're self-inflating... Of course this can lead to all sorts of jokes about pulling the cord and such, so don't say I didn't warn you. You may notice in some of the balloon furry pics that some of them have external valves. These are not necessary, but serve the same function as any valve would, regulating the air flow. Perhaps they might accentuate the air flow in certain areas. How do you obtain them? Well, I'd see Tashtari, but that's me...

8. How do I go about getting an airtank?

Morphy's created the code that powers the majority of the airtanks here (so to speak). You also could use something besides an airtank...Cerine has a nice Pneumatic Pointer...think 'laser pointer with air'. :) You could say it 'light'ens up just about anything.

9. And if I'm not in the Balloon Room, won't I pop if I hit anything sharp at all?

Clause 14a, Section 2 of balloonie contracts. Which states: The magic which forms balloons will keep them balloons. Simply stated, you're relatively indestructible now. Your latex is both decently thick and reinforced. No seams for those among you who are fashion mavens. :) Yes, you can be popped under extreme conditions...(a pinprick likely not being extreme conditions)...but you'll reform in a matter of minutes and be as good as new. Some balloon furs have made popping quite a past-time...but far from all.

10. So what is this hubbub about popping?

Well, to a balloon who's cuddling or doing more...the word explosion takes on an entirely different meaning. Freud would have a field day! Suffice it to say, non-consensual popping is generally considered in bad taste, at best. Don't do it unless you know it's permissable. And if it all means, do it. But if you pop a balloon in the Balloon Room, expect a few people to jump. In sympathy.

Unsolicited popping, inflation, deflation, abusing, stalking, and/or being a pest to any other being, if they are inflatible or not, in the Balloon Room will render the offending fur banned for as long as Morphy deems nessisary. Morphy is a NiceFur™ but he has limits on annoying behavior and will not tolerate a jerk ruining everyone's fun. Saying you didn't know is not an excuse. Troublemakers are warned; what goes around, comes around.

11. This document is kinda useless. What about <foo>?

This is where you come in. Talk to me. I want this FAQ to be comprehensive and useful for everyone. Thanks for your help.

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