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"Better Yiff Through Inflation"

When it come to most pleasure, 10 YEARS OF INFLATION have sent prices through the ceiling. When it comes to the latest in Furry Love Dolls, 3 MINUTES OF INFLATION will be all it takes to put your spooge through the ceiling! When was the last furry love doll you had? If it was more than two years ago, you won't believe the effect that computer-aided design has had on the proverbial pneumatic nymph, known more commonly as the furry love doll. Today's models will literally "take your breath away" (air compressors available) with their voluptuous measurements, life-like furry colors, supersized beauty, massive inflation capacity, ravenous sexual appitite, and ultra-realistic muzzles, rumps, and genitalia. New advances in mechanized technomage production have also made these state-of-the-art lovemates affordable-- with dozens of models to choose from, any male, female, or alterdimensional being, can find room in their budget for one of our beautiful dolls.

The very affordable, very VIRGINAL Lover

A GOOD, SOLID DOLL VALUE that can't be beat - Perfect for the "first timer" who is purchasing their first doll, or the wolf who wants a tight piece but has a tighter budget! Realistically sculpted, tantalizingly hand-finished, absolutely the best "bang for your buck" when it comes to living latex furries. (Shown with included compressed air tank)

The "LIVING DOLL" Delux Inflatible Love Partner

Now you can literally "BREATH LIFE" into your wildest sexual fantasies and experience a level of surrealism and pleasure never before available at this price! Her bountiful breasts, voluptuous buttocks, and beautiful young body begin to take shape within minutes after she arrives... Soft, silky hair, open, lush, inviting muzzle, and the most tantalizingly realistic snug "virgin-like" vagina you have ever had the pleasure of sinking yourself into! Dolls of this quality used to command a price easily three times what we are retailing this one for -- but quantities are limited -- so please... don't delay in placing your order!

"Spend a little extra... Get a lot more!"
The Incredible 600H^3 Fuck Doll

The astounding ENGRA FULLSOM, the lovely girl who knocked the modeling world on its ear with her eye-popping 600H^3 breast measurements, has been replicated in this first of its kind furry love doll! Nothing has been spared to create this deluxe, endowed-beyond-belief inflatible yiff partner; * Can support weight up to 1275 lbs; * Astounding 600H^4-23-36 realistic measurements; * Full, ripe lips, extra capacity "swallow whole" throat design; * "Bottomless love-chamber" pussy with velvet-grip™ vaginal passage; * Snug bottom for exquisite rectal pleasure. The ZETTA FULLSOM doll represents a new level in realism and life-like features. It is designed for the male who is willing to spend a little extra to get a whole lot more.

Looking for exotic? Look no further!

This life-sized zebra inflatable love doll can satisfy your every whim without a whinny. With her inviting mouth, sex and bottom, YOU can choose YOUR favorite pleasure night after night. Kiss her curly forehead, her pert breasts, all the way down to her sweet inner thighs. This lady of latex leisure never says no. Pick her up now at a very affordable price. (Shown with optional helium tank sold seperately)

And... For those seeking the latest, most scientifically advance Male Doll on the market, we present...

The hottest new hunk of hard, hot, manhood ever to appear on the market for inflatible male love partners. Computer-designed using composites of today's most attractive, virile panthers, this revolutionary furry doll is the essence of male lust. "Top" or "bottom", it doesn't matter -- with his ultra-realistic "horse hung" phallic, and tight, bubble-butt bottom, this is the doll that every fur should have -- the SAFEST PLEASURE available today, and at a new unbelievable low price!

For Fantasies That Knows No Bounds!
Fantasy Liquid Yifftex™ Trial Kit

Can't find a miniture inflatible vixentaur? How about the bubbleduck love doll you dream of? Now you can make them and more yourself! Harvested at the private YiffTex rubber tree farm, Fantasy Liquid Latex is derived from natural rubber tree sap and dries at room temperature to form a highly elastic, strong rubber skin in whatever shape you create -- let your imagination run wild! Note that it will adhere permanently to fabrics while wet. Use it on your toys for truly fantastic frictionless results. Paint on additional layers for desired thickness. Kit comes boxed with must-read instructions, foam brushes, bubble pipe, Magic Star Dust for optional metallic finish and two 1-quart buckets of Fantasy Liquid Yifftex™ in red and black. There’s no limit to the amazing (and yiffy) inflatible partners you can make with just a strong breath.

Available in any color and in quantities up to our super value 55-gallon drums. (Call for details!)

Su-Lai "The Oriental Flower"

Oriental YiffDoll

In respone to overwhelming demand -- this beautiful girl will take you on a tour to the Orient... showing you all its sexual mysteries! This incredible authentic doll loves it any way you do. You'll just eat her up -- she's so realistic and yiffable! Petite, with creamy skin, firm perky-nippled breasts, the most wonderfully snug pussy and asshole, and of cours the full sensuous penis milking lips that are the hallmark of the Oriental women. Gives you pleasure -- complete sexual satisfaction -- total physical release!

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Yes, we sell inflatable sheep too...

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